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VooDoo Offroad's Kinetic Recovery Ropes are engineered to be the toughest recovery ropes you can find on the planet. These ropes will stretch, utilizing kinetic energy. As the rope stretches it converts into kinetic energy. The kinetic energy results into more pulling power directed towards the stuck vehicle or object. Enabling you to get out of any sticky situation. Since these ropes are able to stretch, they reduce stress, offering a more comfortable recovery than standard recovery ropes. Each rope is designed with strength in mind, made from 100%, 12 strand Nylon and coated in polyurethane.

This VooDoo Offroad 1300009A 3/4 inch x 30 foot kinetic rope will stretch up to 38 Percent and is recommended to be used with Jeeps & 1/2 ton trucks. Featuring water, UV and abrasion protection. As strong as this rope is, the breaking strength required for failure is 24,500 lb.


  • Utilizes kinetic energy for additional pulling power
  • Water, UV and abrasion resistant
  • 2 year warranty
  • 100% 12 strand nylon single braid rope


Color: Green

Material: Nylon

Rope Capacity: 24,500 lb

Rope Diameter: 3/4"

Rope Length: 30 ft

Rope Type: 12 Strand Single Braid

Vehicle Type: Jeep, Truck/SUV

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