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The ICON Alloys Rebound PRO with patented INNERLOCK TECHNOLOGY offers the best of both worlds by using a robust bead retention system to keep the tire bead secured to the wheel while also being fully DOT compliant. This provides confidence in knowing that your wheels are prepared to tackle whatever situation you encounter - on or off the beaten path. InnerLock is ready for any type of terrain and every single adventure.

Part Number Size Bolt Backspace Offset Bore Load
21817855557SB 17x8.50" 5x150 5.750" 25mm 110.10mm 3200 lbs
21817856350SB 17x8.50" 6x135 5" 6mm 87.10mm 3200 lbs
21817856547SB 17x8.50" 5x4.5 4.750" 0mm 71.50mm 3200 lbs
21817857345SB 17x8.50" 5x5 4.500" -6mm 71.50mm 3200 lbs
21817858347SB 17x8.50" 6x5.5 4.750" 0mm 106.10mm 3200 lbs
21817858357SB 17x8.50" 6x5.5 5.750" 25mm 93.10mm 3200 lbs
21817859057SB 17x8.50" 6x5.5 5.750" 25mm 95.10mm 3200 lbs